Food Service

Consumer Food Service

Coveris understands the unique needs of the Food Service industry, with its need for versatility to cover a wide range of occasions. We are currently the business partner for vending operators, coffee suppliers, quick service restaurants, catering companies, breweries, ready meal services, and snack and fresh food companies.
As a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging and disposable containers, we supply a comprehensive range of vending and drinking cups, tumblers, bowls, plates, trays, containers with lids, and more. We stock a varied and versatile range of products including trade items, to create a one-stop shipping opportunity for our customers.
Whether they are searching for a higher quality food experience, or simply a fast takeaway meal, consumers appreciate the quality and functionality of the packaging created by our company. Coveris is particularly strong in innovations and product development, and we are always willing to support food service operators in adapting to changing market preferences.


  • Cold and Hot Drinks
  • Salads and Prepared Fruits
  • Soups and Meals
  • Sandwich and Snacks
  • Ethnic Food
  • Yoghurt, Ice Cream and Desserts