Injection Molded Packs

Injection Molding with In-mold Labeling

Packaging sells your product. Do not let your brand get lost on a store shelf. Instead, enhance your brand’s iconic and unique image with Coveris custom injection moulding. Working with our dedicated team of professionals from concept to production will help to inspire a one-of-a-kind package for your product. We provide dedicated equipment and moulds that will be built to your exact specifications, and also have the capacity requirements to provide speed and market efficiency. We currently produce a broad range of pots and containers for the food service industry, as well as sophisticated components for personal care and household products.

Coveris leads the way in IML technology and innovations, with creative market designs that offer reduced weight and improved functionality. The IML process results in better visual aesthetics, dimensional accuracy and is also a “one step” process, which eliminates the need for secondary operations after moulding. We recognise the demand for a fast turnaround on new artwork launches, and therefore our IML is capable of achieving this by delivering short lead times for both small and large volumes.

Recently, we introduced a revolutionary injection compression technology in our production facilities, which allows for savings of up to 20% of the material with reduced injection pressure and a decrease in wall thickness.


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